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This page was last updated on: 25 November 2018

MISSING FROM MY RAYEARTH COLLECTION: If you have them/can get them, please let's make a trade, thanks.



SHITAJIKI I miss (some of them at least, since now and then I stumble upon a new one):


Amada Bookmark seals: I HAVE the ones below. I miss all the others. I have 27 regulars and 12 prisms. I'm not sure which I may miss, but if they are not in the photos, I'm interested :)

 photo Bookmarks_9_zpszettxpfx.jpg  photo Bookmarks_8_zpsdwbccabr.jpg  photo Bookmarks_6_zpse8fiikwp.jpg  photo Bookmarks_5_zpsqgpis4ek.jpg  photo Bookmarks_4_zpsvxf7adjl.jpg  photo Bookmarks_3_zpsctqnmzgp.jpg  photo Bookmarks_2_zpsd8f5xzgv.jpg  photo Bookmarks_1_zpshg6lw4az.jpg


CARDS I MISS: (Pictures below and above are displaying items I miss UNLESS otherwise stated)

1) Unknown set: on the back it's credited to TMS and was sold by FURUTA

This is a nice set of cards, made of carboard and plastified. Cards are slightly longer and thicker than normal cards. Below there are a front/back photos of the whole collection, I've highlighted in purple the cards I'm missing. Since the whereabouts of this set are unknown I wasn't able to find additional reference of it anywhere, but they should had been sold with the MKR Furuta pins.
I MISS: 2, 20, 23, 30 (this is a 30 card set)

2) Crusade Magic Knight Rayearth

A new collection of year 2014! Game cards actually. I miss the whole collection.

 photo rayCrusade_zpse58a06ec.jpg

3) TOMY Premium Cards (Made by: Broccoli 1999)

This is a wonderful collection of thick plastic cards with a sleek, glossy feel on the surface, similar to credit cards (tho not idol cards). Unfortunately, I miss a special card. I've got a picture of the card I miss.

Super Special: SS two cards total
I miss SS1 only, SS 1 (picture below)

4) OAV Cards reference here

I miss some of the the Specials (SP1-SP9). I know there are 2 kind of SPs, silver lettering (L) and R-Stamps (R), same images but one set with border, the other without. I'd like to collect both. Thanks to Alberich for the specials image (great trading card website!). There's also a box card which I have (not to be confused with part of specials. The box feats the knights dressed as angels looking at a light sphere).

I miss OVA SP 1,4,5,6 card R-stamp (left in the picture) SP6-R is not in the picture and I miss it.
I miss OVA SP 3,7,8,9 card L-stamp (right in the picture)

I MISS THE CARDS IN THE PICTURE, what I already own is red X barred

I also miss the PROMO CARD, the PREMIUM CARD and the PRESENT CARD.

 premium present promo


4) Laminated cards (Idol cards) and Phonecards

I miss some lami/phone cards, they are not numbered so I go by picture. I miss some of them, I dunno how many there are out there. Please, if you have some for sale not listed here, email me with pictures, I may miss them!!. IDOL/PHONE CARDS I SURELY MISS:

I'm always looking for more lamicards and phonecards. Le seguenti LAMI mi mancano, le cerco per acquisto (missing from my collection):

Movic (Letters) B, E, F

 photo movic_letters_a_zpszrcbqpbd.jpgI miss

Le seguenti lami NON mi mancano, fanno già parte della mia collezione. Ho messo le foto solo perché queste qui sotto le ho già e non mi servono. The following I have. Photos are posted as reference only. I have all the ones below:

 photo Lami_card_1_zps3upekehl.jpg  photo Lami_card_2_zpsiwugo8uo.jpg  photo Lami_card_3_zpsbzs15vd2.jpg  photo Lami_card_4_zpsluqazefn.jpg  photo Lami_card_5_clamp_zps7r0pbpkz.jpg  photo Lami_card_set1_zpsruvm58aq.jpg  photo Lami_card_set2_zpsbpkbffum.jpg

6) Clamp in Cardland

Cardland 02 021b (Congratulation)

Pictures of missing card:

I miss


Vampire Princess Miyu TV by Broccoli (1998). I miss SP3, SP4, SP9 and Box card named "Dark". I also miss all 9 promos. More references here. PROMOS: Thanks to Alberich for the promos image (great trading card website!). THIS COLLECTION IS ALSO FOR SALE

Dark Card:

Other Specials I miss by order (SP3, SP4, SP9):

Miyu PROMOS, front/back

X 1999 Trading Cards by Kadokawa (2002). I cherish this collection a lot and I've completed it. Only, I miss all promos and all 21 DVD Specials (DS1-DS21). I wouldn't mind collecting those cards, but at reasonnable prices only. I'd like the holder too.
I've got pictures of the cards, by order:

6 promo cards, I have none. I've got pictures of them. I have the the Binder (00) card below.


DVD specials (above)


Of course I'd like to collect them all, let me know your price for X clamp, Rayearth, and Miyu.

I haven't started a new collection in a while, so I'd love to finish my old ones! Please contact me if you have one or more of the above items for sale. MY EMAIL IS HIKARU{you know the symbol}LIBERO.IT.


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 photo Lami_card_5_clamp_zps7r0pbpkz.jpg  photo Cards_HK_2_zpsd8itdqbn.jpg  photo Cards_HK_1_zpseolysqjx.jpg  photo Lami_card_4_zpsluqazefn.jpg  photo Lami_card_2_zpsiwugo8uo.jpg  photo stickers_10a_zpsewkv0tkj.jpg  photo stickers_10b_zpscbwz2itc.jpg  photo Lettering_set_2_zpspoy9ukhw.jpg  photo Postcards_2_zpssiqo9vdi.jpg  photo Postcards_1_zpsy3eb9gaj.jpg  photo Nakayoshi stickers_2_zpslrf4ywrv.jpg  photo Nakayoshi stickers_1_zpsov3v7mq8.jpg  photo Lettering_set_1_zpsrym1jgk0.jpg  photo CD_CD_zpsrwxd1nbh.jpg  photo CD_Singles_Postcards_zpszqdvya2a.jpg  photo Game_Sega_Saturn_US_zpsuh8hsio9.jpg  photo CD_singles_zpsn7y0g2la.jpg  photo Cards_poker30_zpsvhlwxz4h.jpg  photo Cards_poker29_zpsdmmuyjm0.jpg  photo Cards_poker1_index6_zpscod2ntrj.jpg  photo Gashapon_dolls_4_zpssslkiehr.jpg  photo Gashapon_3_zpsjhbpeif5.jpg  photo Gashapon_2_zpsnycnc0wj.jpg  photo Cards_poker1_index5_zps06cnapnp.jpg  photo Cassette_index_5_tape_index2_zps3iqr6vbt.jpg  photo Cards_oav13_zps30wtbrwe.jpg  photo Cards_oav12_zpstjow91m7.jpg  photo Cards_oav11_zpssxp0ccut.jpg  photo Cards_oav10_zpsbgeyaitw.jpg  photo Cards_oav09_zpsf5erymcv.jpg  photo Cards_oav08_zpsxk3mngb9.jpg  photo Cards_oav07_zpsecmht6ui.jpg  photo Cards_oav06_zpsjxpvwbsq.jpg  photo Cards_oav05_zpsnmavrjo7.jpg  photo Cards_oav04_zps170uvfp6.jpg  photo Cards_oav03_zpsoumvhowl.jpg  photo Cards_oav02_zpstjo596g0.jpg  photo Cards_oav01_zpssequymhy.jpg  photo Cards_poker28_zps90mvzryo.jpg  photo Cards_poker27_zpsaatkeilh.jpg  photo Cards_poker26_zpswmkelh0m.jpg  photo Cards_poker25_zpsd9gaeq0o.jpg  photo Cards_poker24_zpslqpl8hpz.jpg  photo Cards_poker23_zpsr1a5kb9w.jpg  photo Cards_poker22_zps3xkfqouv.jpg  photo Cards_poker21_zpsqolrhpat.jpg  photo Cards_poker20_zps2cywsrgl.jpg  photo Cards_poker19_zps1bzqlue4.jpg  photo Cards_poker18_zpsddn9qel5.jpg  photo Cards_poker17_zpsw1dyotf9.jpg  photo Cards_poker16_zpsn0mfrf4h.jpg  photo Cards_poker15_zpsnji5a6pu.jpg  photo Cards_poker14_zpsbs4ikvyj.jpg  photo Cards_poker13_zpsatkw2laj.jpg  photo Cards_poker12_zpsu7vbxknt.jpg  photo Cards_poker11_zpsi08cphm5.jpg  photo Cards_poker10_zpsqdbrsjsv.jpg  photo Cards_poker09_zps7rl0crfc.jpg  photo Cards_poker08_zpssesku1hr.jpg  photo Cards_poker07_zpsogvegtsx.jpg  photo Cards_poker06_zpsrtogksd1.jpg  photo Cards_poker05_zpsytblra4z.jpg  photo Cards_poker04_zpsie35jpou.jpg  photo Cards_poker03_zpsdjmavzpj.jpg  photo Cards_poker02_zpsg163cgzf.jpg  photo Cards_poker01_zpspk3m6mxd.jpg  photo Cards_italian2m_6_zpsvduwznrt.jpg  photo Cards_italian2m_5_zpsdqbvadk4.jpg  photo Cards_italian2m_4_zps9vik5pbv.jpg  photo Cards_italian2m_3_zps8ofnryol.jpg  photo Cards_italian2m_2_zpsbbuddomq.jpg  photo Cards_italian2m_1_zpsyqibwleg.jpg  photo Cards_Tomy_17_zpsqipcadc7.jpg  photo Cards_Tomy_16_zps2enykppb.jpg  photo Cards_Tomy_15_zpsuatl4oxi.jpg  photo Cards_Tomy_14_zps9yvigdjk.jpg  photo Cards_Tomy_13_zpsm0yz2zsv.jpg  photo Cards_Tomy_12_zpsykts9rsv.jpg  photo Cards_Tomy_11_zps80s5bxip.jpg  photo Cards_Tomy_10_zpsbsn96bvd.jpg  photo Cards_Tomy_09_zpsfnz2jzyw.jpg  photo Cards_Tomy_08_zpstm6tidcv.jpg  photo Cards_Tomy_07_zps9quqveoo.jpg  photo Cards_Tomy_06_zpscxqv8jyd.jpg  photo Cards_Tomy_05_zpslxbou1dc.jpg  photo Cards_Tomy_04_zpsrfbmtje0.jpg  photo Cards_Tomy_03_zpsofxj6er4.jpg  photo Cards_Tomy_02_zpsnro3vq5v.jpg  photo Cards_Tomy_01_zpsz5vcgwto.jpg  photo Cards_PP2_06_zpspwbumykw.jpg  photo Cards_PP2_05_zpsrrt5gckp.jpg  photo Cards_PP2_04_zpszb0yynkt.jpg  photo Cards_PP2_03_zpsiwd1hku3.jpg  photo Cards_PP2_02_zps3pmax6qc.jpg  photo Cards_PP2_01_zpsvdlaes9o.jpg  photo Cards_PP1_10_zpsdrt9rhbi.jpg  photo Cards_PP1_09_zpscfg8tx8p.jpg  photo Cards_PP1_08_zpsifmynebb.jpg  photo Cards_PP1_07_zpscyn0rym5.jpg  photo Cards_PP1_06_zps36av3a50.jpg  photo Cards_PP1_05_zpskesme3yk.jpg  photo Cards_PP1_04_zpso6vncobm.jpg  photo Cards_PP1_03_zpsyr3rmigo.jpg  photo Cards_PP1_02_zpserzcrapz.jpg  photo Cards_PP1_01_zpsjcb8u5xq.jpg  photo Cards_Vending3_zpsogqwfyv7.jpg  photo Cards_Vending2_zpsxwy2o5fh.jpg  photo Cards_Vending1_zpscwnlsgzv.jpg  photo Cards_stickers5_zpswnjk4ft4.jpg  photo Cards_stickers4_zpsp2uaov98.jpg  photo Cards_stickers3_zpsdchgp2wd.jpg  photo Cards_stickers2_zpsci8milvr.jpg  photo Cards_stickers1_zpsu7dmmr5g.jpg  photo Cards_chinese4_zpswl0t0ffu.jpg  photo Cards_chinese3_zpsxm1gpq97.jpg  photo Cards_chinese2_zps0ufrdjbu.jpg  photo Cards_chinese1_zpssmskuln9.jpg  photo Phone_cards2_zpsnhszt3mu.jpg  photo Phone_cards1_zps6xu8sctz.jpg  photo Lami_card_3_zpsbzs15vd2.jpg  photo Lami_card_1_zps3upekehl.jpg  photo Bookmarks_9_zpszettxpfx.jpg  photo Bookmarks_8_zpsdwbccabr.jpg  photo Bookmarks_6_zpse8fiikwp.jpg  photo Bookmarks_5_zpsqgpis4ek.jpg  photo Bookmarks_4_zpsvxf7adjl.jpg  photo Bookmarks_3_zpsctqnmzgp.jpg  photo Bookmarks_2_zpsd8f5xzgv.jpg  photo Bookmarks_1_zpshg6lw4az.jpg  photo Lami_card_set2_zpsbpkbffum.jpg  photo Lami_card_set1_zpsruvm58aq.jpg  photo Stickers_8_zps0midcn1a.jpg  photo Stickers_5_zpswohaxuva.jpg  photo Stickers_4_zpsljlunfjj.jpg  photo Stickers_3_zps5qcnoary.jpg  photo Stickers_2_zpszkzfbo1g.jpg  photo Stickers_1_zpsxy99joxu.jpg  photo Cassette_index_4_zpscjai7fmy.jpg  photo Cassette_index_3_zpsldln0cri.jpg  photo Tape_index_1_zps2sllvnim.jpg  photo Photos_zpsmamsokkk.jpg  photo Folder_3_zpspcn3hay0.jpg  photo Folder_2_zpssy6ino6x.jpg  photo Postcards_zpsr7rg9rz7.jpg  photo Shitajiki_20_zpsub2cklti.jpg  photo Shitajiki_19_zpszujv3h94.jpg  photo Shitajiki_18_zpspl7pinsd.jpg  photo Shitajiki_17_zpsjmdovkxb.jpg  photo Shitajiki_16_zpsngln8wn5.jpg  photo Shitajiki_15_zpsn2ivphte.jpg  photo Shitajiki_14_zpswk52tgsk.jpg  photo Shitajiki_13_zpsvxbyqu1h.jpg  photo Shitajiki_12_zpsnjgnabqa.jpg  photo Shitajiki_11_zpsyc819foc.jpg  photo Shitajiki_10_zpspw9nd7wc.jpg  photo Shitajiki_09_zpsmrbtapf3.jpg  photo Shitajiki_08_zpsuxtrgpbd.jpg  photo Shitajiki_07_zpsttmx3xvc.jpg  photo Shitajiki_06_zpsmhvgryfb.jpg  photo Shitajiki_05_zpsuwb6zngh.jpg  photo Shitajiki_04_zpsqdmkm0zq.jpg  photo Shitajiki_03_zpsrly5jjrm.jpg  photo Shitajiki_02_zpsmpx3xm3j.jpg  photo Shitajiki_01_zps37w2odd4.jpg  photo Bookmarks_ribbon_zpscdptksal.jpg  photo Stickers_9_zps7glsyofg.jpg  photo Gadget_3b_zpsmjwkpqpx.jpg  photo Gadget_3_zps22neslup.jpg  photo Gadget_2_zpso9ctwd9e.jpg  photo LetterSet5_zpsqywmzk1c.jpg  photo LetterSet4_zpsbm6ncqri.jpg  photo Notebook2_zpslfayihum.jpg  photo Notebook3_zpsymau2w3c.jpg  photo FloppyIndex_zpszkobjk0u.jpg  photo Mousepad_zpseuecuxmq.jpg  photo Gadget_1_zpsa5lc0u8r.jpg  photo LetterSet3_zps6omustds.jpg  photo LetterSet2_zpsotj9aizd.jpg  photo LetterSet1b_zpsuin2bvj9.jpg  photo LetterSet1_zpsr0sxpkzh.jpg  photo Notebook1_zpslr8txssi.jpg  photo Doujinshi_2_zpsppkz2dsa.jpg  photo Doujinshi_1_zpsoedvlic9.jpg  photo Card_PP_box_zpsezrassiz.jpg  photo Card_album_zpsvz7lzewx.jpg  photo Cassette_index_2_zpsjic3tfan.jpg  photo Cassette_index_1_zpsqfumw9iu.jpg  photo Cards_cardland6_zpsgcu6mury.jpg  photo Cards_cardland5_zpsotvu9krh.jpg  photo Cards_cardland4_zpsnokvlprd.jpg  photo Cards_cardland3_zpsib26v70s.jpg  photo Cards_cardland2_zps2mk0z0bq.jpg  photo Cards_cardland1_zpsdb3ztzlb.jpg  photo Rubber_charms_zps0rp8uemp.jpg  photo Folder_1_zpsvgvsa1fo.jpg  photo Stickers_7_zpstbw7mmak.jpg  photo Stickers_6_zps5rrod152.jpg  photo Keychains2014_zpsujolyydr.jpg  photo Gashapon_1_zps5ygqkxxr.jpg  photo Bookmarks_7_zpsfbzfigl8.jpg  photo Gadget_5_zps5cnq8v9k.jpg  photo Cards_poker1_index4_zpsqgijpml1.jpg  photo Cards_poker1_index3_zps5czaqfzt.jpg  photo Cards_poker1_index2_zpsdkdgbmwl.jpg  photo Cards_poker1_index1_zpsrtnhhbx7.jpg  photo Cards_cardland2back_zpshmjbnmx8.jpg  photo Gadget_6_zpsrr7nooen.jpg  photo Stickers_3-5_zpsevnxsmyv.jpg  photo Gadget_4_zpspex26wb1.jpg  photo Cardland1.jpg